DTC drawers' systems

The DTC drawer system integrates fashion and elegance, plus its advantages of maximum storage, smooth and quiet, etc. So it is widely used in high-end kitchen, bedroom, bathroom space.

From raw material procurement to shipment inspection, DTC strictly controls the entire quality process. At present, DTC products have been able to meet international performance requirements, such as the American ANSI / BHMA and European EN standards, and have won the favor of many home furnishing brands around the world. The three letters DTC represent not only a trademark, but also a guarantee of quality and credibility.

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Magic Star & Magic Pro HE,HT,TB

Double-wall Drawer systems

Slim metal straight-sided drawer

• Available in 3 heights 88/126/172mm • Load capacity 30Kg • Full extension • Silent system quarantees smooth run • 2D adjustment (±2mm up down / ±1,5mm left right) • Finish white Ε29 and grey matt Ε30
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Dragon Box & Dragon Pro HB,MM,M,TB

Double-wall Drawer system.

The new-look drawer side, together with square railings, metal -box sides and glass box-sides, provide a variety of design options that could be easily set - up.

• The combination of side rails and ground glass box-side brings a gorgeous high drawer while the corresponding dividing system provides great convenience for storage.

• The high stable drawer construction ensures stable and smooth motion with soft closing for wide and high drawers.

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Pure Box HL, F

Single-wall Drawer systems

DTC's new Pure Box drawer's sides are a  high standards' system!

A perfect combination of design and durability. With such a slim side for even more available space , compatible with a wide range of drawer systems and already designed with every detail to fit perfectly!


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Drawers


  • More space
  • Compatible with most drawer mechanisms on the market
  • Minimal design
  • Designed for a perfect fit
  • High quality materials
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