The Company

Hyundai L&C is one of the global leading manufacturer of premium building materials. The entrepreneurial passion for seeing change as opportunity and never standing still has made Hyundai L&C as an industry frontrunner in the market of Acrylic Solid Surface (since 1995) and Fine Quartz Surface (since 2004). We are a specialised manufacturer along the whole vertical value chain throughout the process from manufacturing of semi-finished or finished products. The full service provider approach of Hyundai L&C includes the continuous development of added values and the partnership-based collaboration within its global network.

Marmouris S.A. is the exclusive distributor of product collections HANEX & HANSTONE in Greece, Cyprys, Bulgaria, Albania and North Macedonia.

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HANEX Solid Acrylic Surfaces

Hanex® Solid Surface is an acrylic solid surface material which is highly resistant to stains and chemicals due to the high level of alumina trihydrate. Its unique blend of acrylic resin and natural materials allow HANEX® to be cut, shaped and formed to fit a range of designs. As HANEX® is acrylic, the fabrication advantages are almost unlimited. It can be cut, shaped, molded and thermoformed into 3D shapes. HANEX® is used everywhere that you can imagine such as kitchen, hotel, healthcare or transport, the design capabilities are endless. The only limitation of HANEX® is your imagination.
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HANSTONE Quartz Surfaces

An ideal surface for everyday wear and tear, HanStone® Quartz is as practical as it is beautiful. HanStone® Quartz has satisfied the needs of many, it offers architect and designer’s versatility in design with unmatched durability. HanStone® Quartz already has been selected by renowned airports, globally recognized exhibition and conference hall, and both residential & commercial use.
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