The Company

L&S supports businesses in making projects to shine with dedicated solutions, optimising the quality and effect of light on objects, in order to enhance the visual and emotional experience.

Offers dedicated solutions that focus on the quality and effect of light to improve the visual experience and use of what is illuminated.
L&S reads and interprets interior design trends to better enjoy the kitchen environment, the living and sleeping area, the new hybrid spaces for sharing, studying or working.

Indoor lighting solutions.

• Lights to be integrated into furniture: linear lights, spots, light panels, sanitizing lights.
• Ceiling and wall lights: light panels, suspended, fixtures with integrated sound-absorbing panels.
• Aesthetic architectural lights.

Integrated systems.
Can be used without the need to “couple” them to third party products: illuminated mirrors and electrified modular structures to compose and furnish walls in living rooms, shops, offices, bars or entire walk-in closets with a single solution.

Control systems
Power systems and related accessories. The complements needed to enhance the use of light.
• Remote control: wi-fi, bluetooth, Alexa and Google Home, voice control, radio controls, wire or battery sensors.

Lighting planning.
As a support to define the most effective solution for the end use.

Company's strengths

  • A professional partner.
  • Over 40 years of know-how.
  • Durable products, attention to detail and focus on design.
  • Industrial and logistics global
  • platform for an excellent service
  • Capability of innovation and precision.
  • Continuous technological research.
  • Tailor-made service.
  • Dedicated to every customer.
  • Certifications for the global market.

Innovation and research.
Technology at the service of functionality.

The Technical and Research & Development Departments ensure a constant capacity for innovation in the lighting engineering field and provide for the development of customized projects and prototypes. The aesthetics of the products are taken care of by expert designers:

• Product development
• 3D Rendering
• Engineered Drawings
• Prototyping

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SOLARIS flexible panel light range

Exhibition panels equipped with Solaris technology enhance the appearance of the illuminated object, ensuring it catches the eye. This is the result of an uniform, natural light without reflections, shadows and glare. The core features of every panel are customisable, allowing for variations in brightness in different areas. Solaris is the ideal solution for museums and retail environments, where precise management of lighting draws the visitor into the experience, enhancing the exhibited works and products. Flexibility and ease of customisation make this the ideal choice for installations of every kind. TAILOR MADE
  • DIFFUSION OF LIGHT uniform or directional
  • COLOUR TEMPERATURE adjustment from warm 2700K to cool 6500K
  • BRIGHTNESS remote adjustment of brightness
  • CUSTOMISABLE SHAPE either square or round
  • COLOUR AND FINISH available in a range of finishes
WARM TO COOL WITH A SINGLE TOUCH Solaris comes with the integrated Emotion system. This enables the user to regulate the temperature of the light – from warm to cool white – with ease, allowing to meet the lighting needs of any environment and any circumstances. GIVES AN EVEN MORE NATURAL PERCEPTION OF LIGHT Thanks to the construction of the panel, the diffusion of light is uniform even on large panels and to the high efficiency led’s. Special light effects on the surface can also be achieved if desired. EMΟTION AND EDC CHANGING COLOR HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY Emotion is the innovative system developed by L&S for the easy management of colour temperature from warm (2700K), to cold white (6500K) in a single lighting device, with one simple move. L&S has introduced also the EDC Emotion Dual Color version will take you from 3000K to 4000K by using an “Emotion Jumper”, a converter cable that can adjust the colour temperature (3000 or 4000K) without the need for two separate lighting devices. Thanks to the Emotion technology it is now possible to meet a range of market demands, from the correct illumination of a kitchen worktop to lighting that accentuates a product in a retail space, effectively providing two products in a single device. Emotion and EDC are also suitable for use with the L&S remote controllers SMART, the patented lighting systems from L&S that gives a gradual shift between colour temperatures. WHY CHOOSE SOLARIS Solaris has infinite possibilities for personalization, both in terms of size and of final application. It can be used in conjunction with graphics, can be retro-fitted in existing retail spaces, can be shaped as a waving shelf and can be adapted to light large spaces. L&S, thanks to its internal know-how and the use of the latest technology, can further personalize the production of Solaris in terms of dimensions, shape and lighting diffusion.
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K CONCEPT-Back panel

K Concept is a light panel that, when used as a backrest, allows the worktop to be illuminated in an elegant and comfortable way. The LED source Emotion Dual Color allows the variation of the colour temperature from 3000K to 4000K; the Wall Washer version integrates a vertical effect of wall washing that can be activated independently. The dedicated line of accessories, including shelves, roll holders and electrical sockets, allows you to better organize the workspace. The panels, of customizable size, can be combined with each other using K Socket module as a junction. It’s a compact lighting panel for easy installation by wall mounting fixing; available in black finish, it can be customized in length. Multiple panels can be combined by using the dedicated power sockets tower in between. There is a specific line of dedicated accessories (hooks, shelves, fire protection, ...).
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Kitchen Lighting

Optical and technical research to ensure the right level of lighting for work surfaces. Integrated systems with accessories and complementary features such as shelving, storage compartments and electrical sockets, that seamlessly blend with the interior design, for improved usability. Control systems to facilitate lighting management. Specific lighting solutions for kitchen components that are used every day (drawers, plate rack, wall units).
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Wardrobe Lighting

Lighting solutions for wardrobes are available: LED wardrobe lighting tube with motion sensor. LED light with battery clip on hinge Andustable closet light Led light for drawer or closet.
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