From its humble beginnings in Kanda, Tokyo in 1930, when Tsunesaburo Sugasawara worked by an oil lamp creating products to solve furniture design challenges, Sugatsune continues to create hardware solutions that are based on their core value of being original.


The name Sugatsune and LAMP brand products have long been associated with Quality, Innovation, and Service. Sugatsune America, Inc., was established in 1982 to Inspire architects, designers and industrial engineers in North America to Invent new solutions, equipped with a comprehensive collection of thousands of precision-engineered hardware.


Since 1930, Sugatsune has been a trusted source worldwide for developing precision-engineered unique hardware solutions.

From residential and commercial architectural hardware to industrial hardware components for industries including food, medical equipment, transportation, and aerospace, you can find the right solution to help connect and show off your creations.

Global Expansion

Business partners in over 80 countries

As a world-class manufacturer with an abundant product supply, outstanding after-sales support, and exceptional design consulting, Sugatsune is able to partake and grow in the global business sphere.

Distribution Centres

The strength of an extensive inventory

Sugatsune has two distribution centres in Japan (Chiba and Osaka), and have a combined floor area of over 34,500m². With a focus on prompt shipment to customers, Sugatsune strives to keep a robust variety of products in stock at all times.

Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO9001: 2015 certified and provides unique component hardware products in their effort to create convenience for their high-end business clients and designers.

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Product Variety

A product lineup to meet all needs

With over 30,000 products in its lineup, Sugatsune can quickly and accurately meet the needs of its customers. Moreover, support for specialised custom made items is also available.

Whether your challenges are architectural, decorative or lie within industrial equipment and components, Sugatsune America is committed to offering the best available products and service.

Sugatsune’s focus on design, development and quality control is why they continue to provide new and unique products. That’s their innovation.

Sugatsune prides itself on being able to develop and incorporate technology into their hardware so they can take concepts and turn them into trends.

This innovation can be seen in our Lapcon soft close products, which revolutionized the cabinetry industry with a feature that has today become a requirement in modern kitchens, baths and furniture cabinets.

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Core Technology - A legacy of expertise

Cultivated over the decades, Sugatsune can provide highly original, reliable, and quality products with Motion Design Tech technologies worldwide.

Motion Design Tech is Sugatsune’s unique product design concept to provide specialized movement solutions. Operability of doors or lids can be improved by incorporating the 5 types of motion in the work environment. It can also improve ergonomics and efficiency of work that involves routine opening and closing movements, increasing the added value of the device and equipment.

Soft Motion

Sugatsune’s LapCon lid stays are ideal for a variety of cabinet applications, storage under bench seating, and information terminals. The lid stay arm holds the panel in place when in use, and will softly self-close when pushed shut. This is a perfect solution for quiet environments, and eliminates pinched fingers.

Disk dampers are suitable for foodservice applications, such as those for self-serve bakery cases or for candy. If the flap is pushed down slightly, it will close naturally and slowly by itself, without the need to lower by hand.

Free Stop Motion

Torque hinges can be adjusted and left at any angle, creating convenience for the user:

Holds lid open without additional support hardware, minimizing additional support hardware.

Lid won’t slam shut, increasing user safety and reducing equipment damage

Torque hinges can be used in a variety of monitor applications to hold the display at a steady angle. Applications include everyday uses such as multiple-monitor arrays, for screens on industrial equipment, and with payment terminals.

Lift Assist Motion

Lift assist hardware options enable users to lift large or bulky lids with a fraction of the energy they would otherwise need. Especially useful for industrial equipment or appliances.

Detent Motion

Detent hinge hardware “clicks” between set positions at various angles, and holds panels open at the set position. User is confident that the panel is secure by the clicking motion.

Unique Motion

Sugatsune’s LIN-X (“links”) laterally-opening hardware was created to open doors in a shallow radius, without obstructing the space in front of the cabinet. Unique solution for kitchen islands, retail storage in narrow spaces, and industrial equipment access panels.

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