FBS Profilati srl is a dynamic company, with 55 years of experience, that produces high quality decorative profiles and aluminum roller doors with international contacts.

All its components are designed from environmentally friendly materials and manufactured exclusively by itself, in Milan, Italy where it is based. Attention to detail and its famous Italian tradition have always guided the company's choices, making it one of the most dynamic leaders in the manufacture of components for the furniture and double glazing industries.

By combining experience and modern construction and design techniques, he has created innovative solutions for interior design.

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Decorative Adhesive Aluminum Films

A new collection of decorative aluminum tapes, with more than 20 different finishes that allow anyone to create a unique and personal design on doors, frames or furniture.
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Drawer sides & front

The sophisticated side fittings and drawer fronts of FBS Profilati are ideal to combine the harmony of safety, functionality and quality, but also to refresh the decoration of the space with some beautiful details.
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LED profiles

The aluminum LED profiles are distinguished by the amazing decorative light diffusion in their perforated body. With the lights off, the aesthetic effect is even more impressive thanks to the modernized finishes that easily match other decorative elements. The wonderful range of shades enhances the function of the profile, making it a valuable decorative detail.
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Door roll tops

Roll tops doors made of 100% aluminum made in various sizes, shades and finish variations, from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. The product is extremely versatile and can be used in various applications.
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Decorative Glass-Frames

Thanks to the contemporary and modern designs of decorative leaded glass and glass, which are ideal for windows and doors, they give an impressive visual effect. From basic geometric shapes to more elaborate curved and sinusoidal shapes.
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