For 70 years TERNO SCORREVOLI have been designing and manufacturing sliding systems for furniture and doors.
They operate all over the world through values such as: constant attention to the customer, innovation of new and performing systems, constant improvement of existing ones and passion for functional solutions. Now they are recognized on the market as innovative and quality manufacturers .The vast and diversified range of products, the flexibility that has always distinguished them, the quality of internal production, totally Made in Italy, are a concrete and tangible response to the increasingly sophisticated needs of modern design.

Dynamism, technology, attention to production processes, customer needs and market developments are in a nutshell, their company.
In over 10,000 square meters, the production and logistics headquarters are the operating heart of our company. From design to tooling, from customer care to assembly, from research and development to the processing of extrusions, their completely Italian production is today an element of differentiation and absolute prestige that allows them to operate in over 75 Countries around the world.Looking ahead, investing in the future, improving the present, a continuous cycle that has always accompanied their vision and their way of approaching otheir work. For this reason, they work to improve all production processes and constantly invest in research and development of new solutions, as well as in the digitalization of their company.

Imagining future scenarios to change them into tangible actions, constantly improving their systems to enhance the products on which they are installed and developing time to market solutions to favor the market of their stakeholders, are their evolution pragmatic vision.
Flexibility and creativity are the key for development, in any area.

The support they daily offer to their customers and people interested in their systems ranges from design to commercial information, from production to logistical issues, from design specifications to installation specifications. A continuous work in which over the years they have listened and collected reports and requests from all their interlocutors, with the aim of constantly improving their work and the service offered.Today their customer support is rewarded and by all their interlocutors. An important recognition for continuous work in which they never neglect attention to their customers.They face all the production phases through careful analysis, constantly collaborating with their customers and with the global sales network. Their goals are: to produce innovative products, products sustainable from all points of view and ready to face market challenges.To achieve the results they have set themselves, they plan and scrupulously face all the design and prototyping phases. Having passed the rigorous tests to which they subject all new products and all upgrades, they set in motion the actual production, the heart and strength of their company.

Today, sustainable development isn’t just a necessity, it is above all a necessary ethical imperative to improve everyone's living conditions as we are all connected. Making work sustainable means for them to embrace the philosophy that everything can be improved starting from the safety and conditions of the work environment, which must be guaranteed in compliance with laws and people. The choice of partners and suppliers is also part of their code of ethics, in order to guarantee its staff a working standard consistent with current regulations and a dignified lifestyle. For them, respect for the individual is a fundamental value.

Their commitment to guarantee quality products for their customers is absolute.They continually work towards improving every aspect of their productive process. On this extremely important issue for them, their company works and invests a lot, developing a real quality system to subject their products to extremely severe tests.

For a sales force that is able to meet the demands of more than 75 Countries, logistical organization is fundamental.
An 8500 m² warehouse coordinated with a widespread distribution network and a computer system that is able to optimize time frames to the maximum. Here is another key point of their development on which recently, thanks to the growth in demand, they have returned to investing. They are always looking for a minimal and functional design. The basis of their design process is the desire to create extremely high-performance systems, capable of combining functionality and sustainability.

For this reason, the design of a system, for them, is a continuous movement in which: research, innovation and orientation towards minimal design come together to create highly reliable products, with particular attention to the aesthetic and practical impact that they will have on final applications. The challenge is great: to be able to create products in essential dimensions, in accordance with the guidelines of modern design, very reliabile, which are simple to install and in accordance with sector economic needs. A challenge that constantly tests them, but for this reason they are passionate about it.

But only passion is not enough: ideas, space for experimentation, a clear vision of the future and investments are needed. In this way the search for new solution will always keep up with the times and will allow them to offer concrete and pragmatic answers in a short time.

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