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By your side since 1979

  • power
    Dedicated to representing top brands from all over the world, supporting our associates with a variety of stock products as well, brings MARMOURIS S.A. to the highest ranking companies in Greece.
  • win-win solutions
    Combined purchases provide companies with flexibility and support a win-win situation in money saving.
  • support
    Our 40 years expertise has led us, where we are today always by your side to advise, assist and offer any demanding solution.
  • product range
    MARMOURIS S.A. supports all your needs by providing modern and innovative products for the furniture industry
  • solutions
    We can provide the most appropriate solution carefully customized to your needs
  • Mission
    MARMOURIS S.A. primary mission is to deliver with accuracy, high quality innovative hardware products. All the products must be produced with environmentally friendly techniques; either they are intended to professionals or end users.
  • Vision
    Our vision encompasses the endless supply of our products range to a constantly growing international network, which together with a high quality customer service and accurate delivery time, will set MARMOURIS S.A. among the irreplaceable partners for every professional.
  • Sales Network
    The critical position of the company near Thessaloniki port, the largest in the Balkan region, gives Marmouris S.A. a great advantage towards the neighboring markets. The main corporate sales volume is the Greek network and it covers the 85% of the annual sales volume of the company. The dispersion of our clients is covering 100% of the total Greek territory.
  • Quality of services
    One of MARMOURIS S.A principle is that the quality of services provided by its’ partners, which are operating throughout Greece, is determining the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Why our customers prefer us?
    1. Long shared experience
    We are the leader in the hardware industry, with 35 years of experience and presence in our target markets.

    Our fundamental internal value is the optimum customer service and the building of strong and long lasting co-operation with all our customers.

    We hear and we daily try to fulfill in advance, all our customer needs, as a result of our long presence in the hardware industry.

    Our main corporate policy is based on our straightforwardness, our transparency and direct tackling with all issues.

    Through these 3 values and their continuous and dedicated deployment, we have managed to establish and maintain professional relationships that lead our way for new, successful co operations.

    2. Competitive advantages
    We offer high quality products at the best market prices.

    We possess a wide variety of hardware products, packaging products etc. and we are constantly updating our range.

    We are continuously upgrading the quality of our products and services aiming to the maximum satisfaction of the end customer.