Infinity - The engineered surfaces is a new company specialised in the production of large slabs for worktops, furnishings and projects. Infinity derives from decades of experienced accumulated by Concorde Group, largest Italian manufacturer of ceramic floor and wall coverings for architecture and interior design. It designs produces and sells large-size slabs for furnishing accessories, for application on interior walls or for cladding of bonded or ventilated walls.

The mission is to bring Italian design and quality into homes all over the world, supporting the creativity of architects and designers. The selection of slabs in the largest size feasible has allowed us to achieve the perfect balance of beauty, functionality and sustainability.

Integrated logistics and flagship stores in major international markets: Infinity invests in its internationalisation process.

In 2019, they inaugurated they new headquarters in Pavullo, consisting of off ices, a corporate showroom and a state-of-theart production plant. Since then, they have continued to grow, investing in key locations, starting with a dedicated logistics centre in Verona to provide a more eff ective service to European markets. The international coverage is strengthened by the opening of several flagship stores in markets such as the United Kingdom, South Korea, China, Taiwan, the United States and Canada.

New generation product and service

The wide range of Infinity collections off ers numerous surfaces that combine innovation with high technology. We design, manufacture and sell large-size slabs for kitchen tops, furnishing accessories and floors, for application on interior walls, or for exterior cladding on bonded or ventilated facades. The slabs are manufactured in sizes up to 1620×3240 mm and come in thicknesses of 6, 12 mm for all kinds of requirements.

Infinity is the new ceramic surface that thinks big, dedicated to the
world of furnishings and interior design. They are tailors of material. Their mission is to bring Italian design and quality into homes all over the world, supporting the creativity of architects and designers all over the world.

How do they do this? Their selection of slabs in the largest size feasible has allowed us to achieve the perfect balance of beauty, functionality and sustainability. One vision, one proposal for designing infinite spaces.

From production to logistics

The slabs are made of 100% natural raw materials and minerals. They are the same essential elements contained in granite that, when sintered at a temperature of 1230°C, create a new compact material with unrivalled technical performance. They search for, select and extract the best raw materials from controlled and certified quarries. They guarantee a durable product, free of adhesives and resins. Quartzes, feldspar, clay and kaolin are purified, atomised, pressed and heated to high temperatures in order to make up the body of the product. This process makes it possible to combine various layers of coloured powders in the body of the slab, perfecting the desired appearance down to the smallest detail.

Why choose Infinity?

The large-sized slabs are exclusively made in Italy of 100% natural raw materials and are super-performing thanks to the application of the latest smart technologies. Their unique combination of aesthetics and functionality makes them ideal for furnishings, interior and exterior floors and walls.

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Kitchen design and decoration

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time at home, where imagination and freedom are given free rein. Infinity provides the perfect ingredient for kitchen design & renovation, for the creation of countertops, island tables, backsplashes, sinks and more. With its innovative extra-large size, seamless design, and elegant details, Infinity allows users to cook and enjoy meals with friends and family, safe in the knowledge that the technical features of these slabs guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and comfort.
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Bathroom design and decoration

When it comes to great bathroom design, the inspiration is endless. Choose your style with Infinity countertops, basins, flooring, sidings or shower trays and walls, whether you are thinking of a modern bathroom, a luxurious spa or simply a pared-back design with all the comforts. With nearly zero porosity, simple and intuitive maintenance with many colors and finishes, Infinity is the ideal option for a bathroom renovation, thanks to high-performance materials with for fully customizable projects.
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Floor and wall coverings

Infinity-clad walls will be much easier to care for, without needing to be repainted when dirty, and easy to clean with household detergents. Infinity large-size porcelain stoneware slabs are the way to solve all kinds of design problems and our team is on hand to help with a wide variety of projects.
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Types of Surfaces


This perfectly reflective surface is obtained through a progressive mechanical grinding process that uses microabrasive materials with decreasing granularity. It is mainly recommended for wall coverings and for the creation of various types of furnishing elements.  


An exclusive production process developed by Infinity has led to the creation of a unique surface that is exceptionally soft to the touch. It has a unique finish with almost imperceptible irregularities on the surface, visible only in particular light conditions. It is the best choice for kitchen tops that combine excellent technical performance and great realistic effects.  


A finish particularly appreciated for its transversal nature that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, guaranteed by balanced aesthetics and excellent performance. The subtle surface texture enhances the material-like finishes, making it the ideal solution also for floors. The structure of the slab remains soft and makes the surface easy to clean.

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Infinity Technologies

High-quality products and raw materials, technological innovation: this is what makes Infinity an outstanding manufacturer at an international level.

Infinity is a pioneer in the production of porcelain stoneware surfaces thanks to the development of state-of-the-art technologies.

Their research and development department constantly works to make their insights possible, supporting the creativity of designers and architects all over the world.

Nature is their inspiration

They bring the beauty of nature into everyday environments, extending the limits of traditional materials through the creation of hi-tech surfaces.

Their proprietary technologies combine the beauty of natural materials with the technical performance of porcelain stoneware surfaces to create an extraordinary aesthetic appeal. A mimesis that is not merely a reproduction of nature, but research and discovery into what can be perfected.  

NaturaVein Tech

NaturaVein Tech is the revolutionary innovation developed by Infinity technical experts to obtain veined slabs, recreating the effect found on natural marble.

During the production process, this technology makes it possible to obtain a controlled sedimentation of the minerals, passing through the full thickness of the slab for perfect consistency between the surface and the body.

NaturaVein Tech is the latest step forward in porcelain stoneware production technology, a new frontier that edges the industrial product even closer to the unique, natural look of marble.  


NaturaBody-Tech is the exclusive technology developed by Infinity to create full-body slabs, marked by perfect coherence between the surface aesthetics and the material of the product.

The bodies are characterised by colour variations that blend with the appearance of the surface, through the inclusion of mineral flakes with different grain sizes, in shades and dimensions that are also consistent with the texture of the original material.

Thanks to their material-like characteristics, NaturaBody-Tech slabs can also be honed on the back, allowing for new application solutions that come increasingly close to those achievable with natural stone slabs, while offering the distinctive technical performance of porcelain stoneware surfaces.  

Levigato Pearl

Pearl is the new surface finish offered by Infinity to extend the range of possible applications for the furniture and interior design sectors.

The exclusive Levigato Pearl finish gives the Infinity surface an extremely smooth feel, similar to natural marble. The surface is completely matt and absorbs light, offering a subtle reflective effect that also makes it ideal for combining with different kinds of materials.

The surface also features imperceptible semi-circular marks that give a handcrafted effect to the slabs. This distinctive and valued characteristic adds to the beauty and appeal of the slabs, making each piece unique and setting them apart from serial productions.  

Innovation is their reason

They believe in continuous experimentation as a search for new stylistic forms to foster creativity. Infinity was created with the aim of allowing architects and interior designers to imagine spaces according to their visions, overcoming the limits set by traditional formats.

This is why they have always invested in their cutting-edge technical expertise which can give ceramics a new identity: not a copy of something, but a material with its own, original and distinctive aesthetic quality.

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