STARAX was founded in 1996 offering furniture equipment products. To date, it has expanded its product range by adding wardrobe and bathroom equipment products, improving its power and capacity while respecting nature, the environment and workers. The factory facility is located in the organized industrial area of ​​Tekirdag Velimese, Turkey, with 32,500m² of indoor space and 10,000m² of outdoor space
STARAX aims to provide the best services to its customers with its ever-growing capacity, experienced staff and know-how. Its purpose is to follow the evolution of trends in order to be able to realize its vision every day.

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Kitchen equipment

STARAX has a wide variety of kitchen equipment products. It offers food cabinets designed for the easy and organized storage of various foods and utensils in order to enhance the aesthetics of modern kitchens. The company has floating cases that serve the functionality of consumers' kitchens. Products such as spice racks, paper holders, cup holders, plate holders, mounting tubes and bar consoles were created to organise and ease of use in the kitchen. Finally, STARAX also provides products related to low cases, such as bottle holders, corner storage shelves and waste containers, in order to help organize the user, facilitating the use of the kitchen even in the most inaccessible places.
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Wardrobe equipment

STARAX offers innovative and fashionable wardrobe equipment products. Some of these products are shoe racks, trouser racks, sliding hangers, tie racks and belt racks, designed for the consumer to place every type of clothing and accessory in their wardrobe in an organized and easily accessible way.
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Bathroom equipment

The company provides bathroom equipment products such as laundry baskets, waste bins and shelves designed to save space and offer great design and durability.
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