Bosch is a German company, which was founded in 1886 by the German engineer, Robert Bosch. Robert, set up his first Bosch technological factory, in Stuttgart. In the next years, Bosch company, has seen a huge development in the production of its products. It acquired a wide variety of technological products, and with that, the company, builds the foundation for a successful future.
Now days, the company has succeeded numerous of distinctions among many businesses in its sector, because it focuses on the improvement and development of its products/services continuously. After all, company's purpose, is to satisfy the needs of all the customers to the highest level.
One product category, in which Bosch has succeeded, is tools. Bosch's power tools, measuring tools and accessories, fully satisfy even the most demanding professionals. Bosch's tools are standing out for productivity, stability and ease to use.
Bosch, continuously outstanding and achieving its goals every day by creating innovative products.

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Power tools

Bosch's innovative power tools have been created to facilitate the work for the users, providing them comfort, flexibility, safety and maximum power. The Bosch tool collection includes cordless tools, grinders, drills, pistols, screwdrivers, saws and various of other multi-tools, that can satisfy every need a professional user has. Bosch also provides suitcases and clothing sets for a safe transport and protection of the user.
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Measuring tools

Bosch's measuring tools are the ideal solution for measuring, detecting and recording distance and temperature in space. Some of the company's measurement products are lasers (combined, rotary and linear), detectors, thermal cameras, receivers, etc. Bosch also offers digital solutions for space measurements with the Measure on app, which helps save time when measuring, documenting and calculating
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Bosch has various types of attachments, which are used for cutting, drilling, sawing and surface grinding. Some of these products are drills, milling cutters, needles, chisels, various types of blades, wrenches, cutting/grinding discs and accessories for multi-tools. Also, the company has various attachment sets and plenty of attachments for the electrical products it produces.
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