Gollinucci is based on primary principles that put people first . It also focus on developing a company process that supports environmental sustainability. Kitchen, bathroom and laundry equipment products are conceived with a special attention to the design and are all made in Italy and produced in headquarter in Cesena. The company follow the continuous improvement model on products and processes through both incremental and breakthrough improvements. The aim at spreading common values in the company, sharing with the employees ideas and goals. Since more than 45 years they welcome and motivate their employees through respect and transparency creating a peoplecentred company culture.

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Kitchen and living

Gollinucci produces a wide variety of kitchen built-in accessories ranging from waste collectors to cutlery trays, from dishracks to space organizers. Products are specifically designed to suit kitchen cabinets and drawers of customers all over the world.
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Bathroom and laundry

In recent years the company widened its business. Keeping the same attention to design and customers exigencies, the company created a new line of accessories such as laundry baskets, waste bins for the bathroom and laundry areas.
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