ASA PLASTICI was founded in 1975, as a small thermoplastic polymer molding plant. In the 80’s, thanks to founder’s inovative mindset, ASA offered the first innovative solutions for shelves assembling, finding immediate success. Later on, many of the new solutions offered were particulary appreciated in the office furniture world.

In the 90s, thanks to its accurate and innovative design, ASA became the most important brand for all the domestic office furniture brands.

With the third millennium, ASA consolidated the production of electrical solutions. Ideas for kitchens, education, hotels took shape thanks to the collaboration of national and international architects & designers allowing ASA to partecipate to well-known tenders.

In the last decade that has just ended, ASA consolidated with Lean Production company, pursuing the ability to produce a high variety of configurations and to distribute in more than 50 countries across the world.

As the new decade starts, ASA becomes even more succesful by creating its new e-shop.

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Versa Wireless Charger

The wireless fast charger pad with Qi technology is the perfect solution for charging a wide range of smartphones removing any kind of annoying wires hassle. Thanks to it’s 80 mm round fixation, versacharger can be installed on any worktop and in any position. To charge the smartphone all you will need to do is place it on the charger pad without any more need to connect any cable. The beginning of charging is signalled by an audible sound and the status indicated by a blue LED light for the entire charging time. Versa Charger is also featured with non-slip rubber dots, that allows you to place your phone in complete
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Versaflap Power Strip

Versaflap is an electrical power & data system characterized by a high rate of customization. The small size, the strength of the aluminum case, flush sockets and the ability to integrate multiple systems of connection, make it the ideal technical support for offices, libraries, universities and conference rooms. versaflap has the possibility to daisy chain along with the ability to plug from both sides of the tabletop, allowing you to work on a surfaces free from any other devices.
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Versapick USB Charging Station

Versapick, is the new Usb charging station. Small and compact, it can be installed on every kind of furniture or surface. Due to its small dimension, versapick can be easily install even on your sofà.
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