Fischer company is based in Waldachtal (Black Forest, Germany). In 2021, the company had a turnover of 988 million euros and a total of 5,400 employees. Fischer, also has 50 subsidiaries in 38 countries across the world and sales in over 120 countries and this makes Fischer the leader in mechanical anchoring. Company's products are metal plugs, synthetic plugs, nylon plugs, frame, scaffolding, thermal facade and electrical supports, power tools, construction chemicals, cutting, grinding and drilling products, electromechanical supports, screws, passive fire protection products. Fischer, focuses in product's quality, providing professional solutions to the customers.

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Fischer offers universal and specific plastic and metal fixing solutions for the various building materials and various applications. These are ideal for an easy and permanent fastening of light to medium-heavy loads in concrete, aerated concrete and panel building materials. Fixtures, wires, lighting and pipes are fixed indoors with the plugs. For optimum interaction and maximum security, fischer offers plugs with screws, hooks and brackets.
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