Infinity Porcelain Slabs

The Infinity Porcelain Slabs are designed and produced by Infinity. It is a leading company based in Italy that specializes in the production of large slabs for kitchen surfaces, furniture accessories and floors, for application on internal walls or for external cladding on glued or ventilated facades. Infinity creates unique ceramic tiles, bringing together aesthetics, design and integrated technical know-how to produce original textures and colors that are a trademark. Infinity slabs are made with a combination of excellence, intelligent technologies, the highest quality raw materials and a deep culture in surface design. It also takes a responsible and careful stance on the future of the environment secured through green, sustainable corporate choices. Lastly, it pays close attention to the most recent rules and regulations governing safety in the workplace, protecting the physical and mental health of employees and offering a healthy, comfortable working environment.

Infinity Ceramic Surfaces will surprise you with their possibilities. Infinity porcelain comes from careful research and selection of high quality raw materials and is a highly specialized manufacturing process. The construction system combines layers of colored powders on the body of the plate, perfecting the appearance down to the smallest details. The plates are made from 100% natural raw materials and metals. It is the same essential elements contained in granite that when fused at a temperature of 1230°C create a new solid material with unrivaled technical performance.

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Infinity specializes in the production of large format porcelain tiles measuring up to 1620×3240mm (63¾”×127½”), with thickness options including 6mm, 12mm and 20mm (¼”, ½”, ¾”). Infinity Large Size Porcelain is the ideal solution for floor and wall applications and can be used to create eye-catching furniture or as an exterior cladding on self-adhesive horizontal wall systems or curtain walls. All Infinity products are made entirely in Italy. Specifications: ⦁ Any creative limit ⦁ Resistant to stepping on ⦁ Waterproof ⦁ High refractive index ⦁ Covers and furniture can be combined
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Infinity Porcelain Slabs & Characteristics

⦁ Quality raw materials ⦁ Non-absorbent ⦁ Fire resistant ⦁ Easy workability ⦁ Easy to clean ⦁ Scratch and abrasion resistant ⦁ Non-toxic and microparticle-free plates ⦁ Multiple applications ⦁ Frost resistant ⦁ No color change ⦁ Resistant to heavy loads ⦁ Hygiene surface ⦁ Resistant to liquids and acids ⦁ Surface suitable and certified for food preparation
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Infinity Technologies

High-quality products and raw materials, technological innovation: this is what makes Infinity an outstanding manufacturer at an international level. Infinity is a pioneer in the production of porcelain stoneware surfaces thanks to the development of state-of-the-art technologies. Their research and development department constantly works to make their insights possible, supporting the creativity of designers and architects all over the world. Nature is their inspiration They bring the beauty of nature into everyday environments, extending the limits of traditional materials through the creation of hi-tech surfaces. Their proprietary technologies combine the beauty of natural materials with the technical performance of porcelain stoneware surfaces to create an extraordinary aesthetic appeal. A mimesis that is not merely a reproduction of nature, but research and discovery into what can be perfected. NaturaVein Tech NaturaVein Tech is the revolutionary innovation developed by Infinity technical experts to obtain veined slabs, recreating the effect found on natural marble. During the production process, this technology makes it possible to obtain a controlled sedimentation of the minerals, passing through the full thickness of the slab for perfect consistency between the surface and the body. NaturaVein Tech is the latest step forward in porcelain stoneware production technology, a new frontier that edges the industrial product even closer to the unique, natural look of marble. NaturaBody–Tech NaturaBody-Tech is the exclusive technology developed by Infinity to create full-body slabs, marked by perfect coherence between the surface aesthetics and the material of the product. The bodies are characterised by colour variations that blend with the appearance of the surface, through the inclusion of mineral flakes with different grain sizes, in shades and dimensions that are also consistent with the texture of the original material. Thanks to their material-like characteristics, NaturaBody-Tech slabs can also be honed on the back, allowing for new application solutions that come increasingly close to those achievable with natural stone slabs, while offering the distinctive technical performance of porcelain stoneware surfaces. Levigato Pearl Pearl is the new surface finish offered by Infinity to extend the range of possible applications for the furniture and interior design sectors. The exclusive Levigato Pearl finish gives the Infinity surface an extremely smooth feel, similar to natural marble. The surface is completely matt and absorbs light, offering a subtle reflective effect that also makes it ideal for combining with different kinds of materials. The surface also features imperceptible semi-circular marks that give a handcrafted effect to the slabs. This distinctive and valued characteristic adds to the beauty and appeal of the slabs, making each piece unique and setting them apart from serial productions. Innovation is their reason They believe in continuous experimentation as a search for new stylistic forms to foster creativity. Infinity was created with the aim of allowing architects and interior designers to imagine spaces according to their visions, overcoming the limits set by traditional formats. This is why they have always invested in their cutting-edge technical expertise which can give ceramics a new identity: not a copy of something, but a material with its own, original and distinctive aesthetic quality.
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