The new product by Volpato for your home.
3 fundamental aspects characterize it.

  • Elegance
  • No visible holes or screws.
  • Simplicity
  • Extremely quick and intuitive assembly.
  • Ductility
  • Adaptability to several different uses and solutions.

Linea can be use as a complement in its version LINEA Top or LINEA Free, but also as independent in its version LINEA Wall. Extremely easy and intuitive in assembly operations, the system combines these features with a great ability to adapt to various situations.

All Linea systems are covered by patent protection.


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TOP LINEA is an extremely flexible product adapting that meets the most different customer needs. Speed and simplicity of installation are its strengths thanks to a hidden locking system. The vertical uprights can be fixed (thanks to a special joint) to the rear panel or directly to the wall . The horizontal shelves are fixed with a particular quick locking system that does not require the use of screws or other visible elements . LINEA TOP represents the version that can be inserted between the worktop and the kitchen wall units, equipping and organizing the space. FREE LINEA can also be installed as a freestanding system by connecting to a support surface. The front profiles can be cut on site at the desired height without drilling the vertical profiles; locking is obtained simply by rotating the profile and using the special hidden supports. The clips, as well as the whole range of LINEA accessories, can be inserted once the structure is completed. WALL LINEA’s shelves are equipped with special supplementary fixing systems that guarantee the product stability such as to make it completely independent. The clean design and excellent structural resistance make LINEA WALL suitable for creating independent compositions that become furnishing objects suitable for any space in your home.
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