MARMOURIS S.A. Grand Sponsor of 12th ESO 2024


MARMOURIS S.A.  is a proud sponsor of   ESO2024 , one of the biggest events of design and architecture. Οrganised by Archisearch & Design Ambassador for 12th year will take place on Wednesday 22 of May at 4.00pm, in Athens Megaron Concert Hall.

The event hosts important representatives of architecture and arts from Greece and abroad. This year’s subject is “DOWN TO EARTH: Nature, Materials, Sustainability & Artificial Intelligence”, reflecting on the climate change crisis and political ecology through architecture and art. It demonstrates the collaboration across construction, fabrication and design as precursor for a healthier world. The “Down to earth journey” is led by globally recognized speakers and pioneers of ecological design and architectural innovation, combining tradition with technology and technique with digital precision.

During this year’s event, the individual topics that will be covered concern the highlighting of the new possibilities of design, such as the adequacy of nature in constructions. The conference features innovative organic materials, high-profile wooden skyscrapers, bio-materials, circular economy principles, regenerative design and construction performance. Moreover, the need for an architecture with a zero carbon footprint will be highlighted, since it has been proven that the built environment causes 40% of global carbon emissions. In fact, up until now, the focus was on reducing operational energy and other carbon emissions. However, the concept of total carbon is quite important in the construction, design and renovation of buildings. Finally, the third topic will answer the question ” How we can normalize the use of materials such seaweed bricks?”

Another topic that will be discussed is the important role of data in architecture. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a core role in architecture, because they enhance the ability of bulit environment with effectiveness. “Down to earth” will be considered the opportunities and traps of using A.I. in architecture, and will be questioned whether the excess dependence on arificial intelligence is going to deteriorate the spontaneity and “unpredictable” quality of architectural . Furthermore, the craftsmanship in the Post-Digital Age will be refined.More specifically, can the traditional techniques cope with the climate crisis? The meaning of digital technique will be evaluated. How can we combine the historical knowledge and techniques with modern practices? What means “traditional” in today’s architecture and design? How the traditional knowledge, in harmony with nature can be aid in future innovations?

The speakers of ESO2024  will be Areti Markopoulou-Academic Director- IAAC Barcelona, Jette Cathrin Hopp- Snohetta, Dimitris Papanikolaou- Urban Synergetics Lab, Panos Dragonas-Dragonas Studio, Tassos Biris- Archisearch Lifetime Achievement Award, Ryan Neiheser – Neiheser Argyros, Eleni Vernadaki – Archisearch Lifetime Achievement Awards, Erieta Attali, Andreas Fries – Herzog & de Meuron, Konstantinos Pantazis – Point Supreme Architects, Andreas Kourkoulas-Award Presenter, Panayotis Pangalos- Award Presenter, Olaf de Nooyer – Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), Ora Ito, Olga Tourlomousi – on-site representative of Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) in Greece, Emmanouil Korres- Archisearch Lifetime Achievement Awards, Stella Pieri – Pieris Architects.

During ESO2024, the 6th annual Archisearch Total Offer Awards will highlight and celebrate the life and work of  significant figures of  the architecture and art field.

The journalist Danai Makri will be the speaker of the conference

For tickets and more information visit the website  https://esw.gr/