BOSCH 31-piece Impact Control Screwdriver Bit Set 2 608 522 366

Code: 80101537 | Availability: Limited Availability
It has a large torsion zone, which makes it extremely durable for long-term work. Modified S2 steel and optimized heat treatment process provide exceptional durability for high performance.All screwdriver bits have an external, 1/4 inch hex shank for use with drill drivers, impact drivers.The set includes:
  • 1 universal carrier with quick change chuck
  • 16 screwdriver blades L=25 mm PH1/PH2
  • (3x)/PH3/PZ2 (2x)/PZ3/T15/T20 (2x)/T25 (2x)/T30 (2x)/T40
  • 6 screwdriver blades L=50 mm PH2/PZ2/T15/T20/T25/T30
  • 8 double-edged screwdriver blades
  • L=65mm PH1-PH2/PH2-PH3/PH2-PZ2(2x)/SL1x5.5/T15-T20(2x)/T25-T30
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