Mission / Vision / Values


MARMOURIS S.A. primary mission is to deliver with accuracy, high quality innovative hardware products. All the products must be produced with environmentally friendly techniques; either they are intended to professionals or end users.


Our vision encompasses the endless supply of our products range to a constantly growing international network, which together with a high quality customer service and accurate delivery time, will set MARMOURIS S.A. among the irreplaceable partners for every professional.


Sustainable Growth

We consider the natural resources of this planet to be vital, and on that claim, no compromises can be made. A key aspect of our co-operations, is the respect that, our partners, pay towards the environment and its elements.


We are dedicated to one single mission, but we get strength and inspiration from the innovative ideas and initiatives, that are produced in our company’s affiliate ecosystem. We are trying to be perfectly aware of the multi-cultural characteristics of our partners, in order to know them well enough and to be able to set them as the source of our inspiration.


We want to be the best on what we do. Our dedication to the end user is the driving force behind every move. As a result, we achieve the shortest delivery times, the most innovative and high quality products, and the most competitive prices in the market.

Support of Local Community

We respect the place that we are established in, and we believe that it is the core competence of MARMOURIS S.A. Our employees are mainly sourced from the local community.


The corporal DNA is the will for constant development. Our company was established and developed in a world that had already begun to change rapidly. Nowadays, technology is advancing fast and MARMOURIS S.A is leading the race with its new, dynamic website.