Corporate Social Responsibility

Η Μαρμούρης Α.Ε. πρεσβεύει ότι η συνολική ποιότητα των παρεχόμενων υπηρεσιών από το δίκτυο των συνεργατών της που δραστηριοποιούνται σε όλες τις περιφέρειες και τους νομούς της χώρας κρίνει το βαθμό ικανοποίησης των πελατών της.

Ideal Working Enviroment

MARMOURIS S.A is emphasizing on human resources and the ideal working space, by attributing respect and recognition to the employees, elements which are prerequisites, in order for them to contribute and achieve the corporal targets. These mutual give-and-take practices are integral parts of internal corporal culture.

Mutual Trust

MARMOURIS S.A is also putting special effort to the relationship built with all suppliers. Transparency, reliability and integrity are the values that characterize our business transactions. This is a target that is achieved through our constant efforts since all the years of our corporate presence.

Environmentally Friendly

MARMOURIS S.A has set as one of its primary values the preservation of the environment, by emphasizing to the surrounding space of its premises, recycling, using eco-friendly products and by deploying recycling schemes inside and outside the company.

Local Community

MARMOURIS S.A is contributing to the local community by taking part and supporting various actions, considering its own existence as an active member of the community.