Company History

In 1979, Mr. Georgios Marmouris, founder of MARMOURIS S.A, establishes the company.
His inherent creativity, combined with the numerous business opportunities of that time and risk-taking, generate his own small enterprise. The company “Marmouris Georgios” starts selling furniture varnishes and metal products and it is held in Lagadas, Thessaloniki.

In 1991, the new facilities of the company are built, on the 17th km of the Old National Road Thessaloniki – Kavala, Kavalari, Thessaloniki, in order to facilitate the constant upgrade of product range. The scope of the business expands continuously and covers nearly all furniture hardware industry.

In 1998, the company targets the Balkan market. As a result, the first branch opens in Ex-Yugoslavia.

In 1999, the warehouse space expands in order to reach the current 13.000 m2, ranking it among the biggest warehouses in the Balkan Region.

2000 – H ελληνική αγορά αποκτά έντονες εξωστρεφείς τάσεις σε όλο και περισσότερους κλάδους της οικονομίας. Συστήνεται τότε η Μαρμούρης Α.Ε., με έδρα το Καβαλάρι Θεσσαλονίκης , για να καλύψει τις εισαγωγικές και εξαγωγικές ανάγκες της αγοράς.

From 2000 and on, the Greek market starts to interact rapidly with foreign markets in various sectors. At this point, MARMOURIS S.A is moving the headquarters base in Kavalari – Thessaloniki, in order to meet the fast – growing markets needs for imports and exports.

In 2004, the new offices are extended, coming to a total space of 1.000 m2.

In 2011, MARMOURIS S.A develops its new corporate identity.

In 2014, MARMOURIS S.A is celebrating 35 years of operation and launches its new modern and dynamic website.

Our dynamic and consistent profile is currently, and will always be, the backbone of our strategy.