Silver Interior Award for project PROJECT 151


The company MARMOURIS SA in collaboration with the construction company MISTRAL-Avramidou E. were awarded with the Silver Interior Award 2022, for their participation in Project 151, in the category ReUsed Interior. The category includes existing buildings with re-construction or renovation. 

The project studio 151, is located in Thessaloniki and includes studios and suites for students and professionals. There are 111 apartments from 30 to 55sqm modern and fully furnished. This is an “all-inclusive” solution for comfortable accommodation, modern facilities, quality lifestyle, high speed internet, networking in central location of Thessaloniki.

The building was purchased in 2019 by “Calon Constructions” and since then it hosted the offices of Public Electricity Company.

It was named “Project 151” from “Συνοικισμός151” which was created after the great fire of 1917 with the unification of 50 plots purchased by the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki to house fire victims. The center of the “Συνοικισμό” was at the intersection of Papanastasiou and Kleanthous streets. It was the largest settlement of fire victims with about 7,000 inhabitants. The name of the Settlement came from the Italian military hospital “0151” which was located there during the First World War, when the “Army of the East” was in Thessaloniki.

There are different sizes of apartments and they all have a balcony with open view. The modern building includes a gym, lounge, room for webinars, laundry, dryers, storage, cafeteria and bicycle parking.

In the interior of the apartments, were used  DTC mechanisms for the cabinets and kitchen furniture as well as GEMAN electrical appliances such as electric oven, electric hobs and hoods and MARMOURIS handles.

Apartments’ interior design was designed and implemented to ensure space saving and functionality by the tenants. At the same time, the materials used are following the modern design, durability and high quality required by the project. The tenant has the opportunity to enjoy a modern apartment, fully furnished with minimal aesthetics, ensuring the necessary spaces for a comfortable stay while enjoying additional facilities and services such as lounge bar, laundry, storage, etc. with easy access to the whole city.

The contribution of MARMOURIS SA through the selection of the following materials was to propose modern, functional but also with high durability and quality solutions that will last for a long time.

An important element of the project was the space saving in the best possible way, the durability of the materials and the furniture but also the flexibility in a single space when used from different people.

The storage spaces of the apartment and the kitchen furniture ensure that they will offer enough capacity for the daily needs of the tenants. The DTC mechanisms applied provided a solution to aesthetics, functionality and durability.

GEMAN electrical appliances, offer high quality, modern design, excellent and flexible application for the tenants’ every day needs.

The collaboration of Marmouris S.A. with MISTRAL-AVRAMIDOU E. & STAMOU CONSTRUCTIONS that participated in the construction of project’s interior, counts many more successful projects. Long experience in project construction ensures excellent results in every project. Congratulations to all for the award.