MARMOURIS S.A. is a proud sponsor of the OPEN HOUSE Athens for the second year in a row, supporting  one of the most important events promoting greek architecture . It is the 10nth year of OPEN HOUSE Athens, which took place on 13-14th of April in Attica area, and was dedicated to highlight our cultural heritage . With more than 70 spaces that opened and welcomed visitors, OPEN HOUSE Athens was even more successful this year, attracting thousands of people.

During OPEN HOUSE Athens, free tours were organized in both public and private places with 500 volunteers. The historical hotel Great Bretania, celebration 150 years, welcomed visitors of  OPEN HOUSE Athens, offering a great opportunity to discover its exceptional architecture and history.

Moreover, several events of OPEN HOUSE Athens, sponsored by National Bank, promoted the need of accessibility and multiculture via inclusion. The presentation regarding these building included the use of filters of accessibility in the web site, helpfull signs for the building that provide easy access and areincluded in the open house flyer, as well as digital events. With the cooperation of OPEN HOUSE Athens and Mind the Map, were created maps and a 3D model of Deligiorgi’s Megaron, to inform people with eyesight problems. Also, there were tours offered in English, so that foreign visitors can enjoy them.

OPEN HOUSE Athens 2024 began one week before the main event, with the MADE in Athens and a special tour to the sponsor’s VITEX factory. Furthermore, the OPEN WALK with the support of DASKALAKIS & associates, included visits in special corners of the city, that there are hidden architectural and historical monuments. They visited Kifisia’s neoclassical houses and had the chance to discover Kipseli’s architecture via the road Phokionos Negris. The OPEN SCHOOL action was adressed to student groups and the chinese community of Athens, with visits in buildings of the program and art places.

At the same time, there were online actions such as the Livestream tours and the Open Office. Livestream tours included visits in two buildings which participated in this year’s program and showed them to OHA’s account in instagram. DIMAND is a sponsor of the Open Office, and presented interviews and tours to 3 offices, awarded for their work environment in Athens. The videos were uploaded to the OPEN HOUSE Athens youtube channel.

The company LANDMARK sponsored the 3D VIRTUAL TOUR in the American school of classical studies. Visitors had the opportunity to watch live the experience of Laser Scanners in the represantation of the structured environment. The OHA’s agenda also included the usual competitions such as: The OPEN PHOTO competition in instagram , sponsored by PRODEA investments. The competition was open to everyone and invites photographers and lovers of architecture and OPEN HOUSE Athens. The competition’s subject is ”People to Architecture, Architecture to people”, and offers a prize by Fujifilm Hellas, cameras for the three winning photographers.

In PRODEA OPENVOTE the visitors voted for their favourite tour and participated in a competition to win a Fujifilm Hellas camera. Moreover, special gifts were offeres for this event’s volunteers.

OPEN your map is a competition for the best map of OPEN HOUSE Athens by KLEEMANN. The visitors could place a stamp on their map and post photos on instagram of every building they visited, until 04/21 and win special gifts.

The OPEN YOUR PORTFOLIO gives a scholarship until 04/30 for an MBA of Architectural design by the Bakalo Art &Design school. A scholarship of 8000€| worth will be given to the winner for 2024-2025 academic year.

In OPEN CALL FOR VISUAL STORIES visitors can express and present through their art, the subject ”accessibility and inclusion” until 6th of May. Three wiiners will be offered gifts and will participate to an exhibition in Dublin.

A new competition arrived in OHA 2024, the OPEN TRAVEL contest in copperation with ELVIAL thata sponsored thw event. Visitors who will post stories of this event, until 04/23 on Instagram, mentioning and following @openhouseathens & @elvial_sa, will participate in this competition, and the winner will enjoy a trip of 2 to Thessaloniki for OPEN HOUSE Thessaloniki 2024. Joanna Mollaj, created the events’ graphic identity, co-organised by Bakalo Art &Design school, as winner of the competition “Design the poster”.

During the weekend of 1st and 2nd of June,  OPEN HOUSE Athens is travelling to Kalamata in copperation with Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation pormoting another’s productive community actions, called MADE in Kalamata.

For more information about the event’s program, the upcoming competitions and other parallel actions of ΟΗΑ 2024 visit the openhouseathens.gr website.

We would like to thank  OPEN HOUSE Athens for another creative and successful event. In ΜARMOURIS S.A.  we are pleased to support any effort of promoting Greek culture and design! Until OPEN HOUSE Thessaloniki we wish you the best!